Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia guidelines


All patients are concerned and anxious before travelling for a plastic surgery abroad procedure abroad. The more information you can get in advance, the more confident you will be when you travel for your cosmetic plastic surgery abroad.

A consultation in the UK prior to travel is proposed and this can be a good way of meeting your surgeon and feeling confident.
Step 1: Choice of the procedure

Peruse our website at your leisure. Familiarize yourself with the cosmetic surgery procedure that suits your expectations (breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, ...).

Step 2: General Enquiry Form

Complete and send back our General Enquiry Form for initial contact to be made.

Step 3: Photographs

It is important to submit photographs when your surgeon is going to be making the first assessment of your treatment. Clear images are required from the front and side (two shots) of the area to be treated.

Step 4: Diagnosis & quote

On receipt of your General Enquiry Form and photographs, we will note your particular needs in terms of procedure(s) and your desires and aspirations for the outcome.

At the same time we will provide you with a quote for your plastic cosmetic surgery procedure(s) and your recovery.

Step 5: Consultation in London

You can meet your Surgeon and book a consultation in UK.

If it is not possible for you to visit London for a consultation, we can arrange for you to communicate with your surgeon by email and telephone. You will meet your surgeon the day before your surgery for a pre-operative consultation.

Step 6: Booking & Pre-operative exams

Should you decide to proceed, we will ask you to send us the flight ticket and to perform the preoperative exams before arrival in Tunisia.

Step 7: Arrival in Tunisia

On arrival at Tunis-Carthage airport, you have to take a taxi to the hotel. The next morning, a driver will ensure your transfer to the clinic for your admission.

Step 8: Pre-operative consultation

Attend consultation with your surgeon and anesthesiologist: The anesthesiologist and myself will examine and answer all your questions in simple and explicit terms.

The pre-operative consultation will conclude with your remittance of the signed Consent Form, the confirmation of your initial estimate and your payment of the quoted fee. We only accept payment by bank transfer or cash.

Step 9: The procedure

The operation takes place the day after your arrival.

Step 10: Check out and recovery

After Surgery (the following day or the day after depending on your doctor's advice), you are discharged and transferred to the hotel for recuperation.

If your operation requires post surgical care (injections, changing bandage, etc), a nurse will come to your hotel to take care of such medical treatment.

Step 11: Post-operative consultation

The day before your departure a Post-operative consultation would occur.

Step 12: Departure

Transfer to the airport and come back home.

Step 13: Follow-up

One month later, a post-operative consultation with your surgeon in our London consulting room.

If you can't come to London, follow-up and after care can be conducted by your own GP or Healthcare provider.

To sum up:

  • You send us the General Enquiry Form with the photos.
  • You will receive the surgical diagnosis and our Quotation.
  • You can meet your surgeon and book a consultation in UK.
  • You send the Booking Form.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your booking and a detailed program of your stay.

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