Penoplasty in Tunisia

During recent years, the penoplasty or penis surgery has become increasingly popular. The size of the genitals in men has always been a concern throughout history.

Because of this concern for the penis size, many non-surgical methods are available (pills, massages ...); but the only really successful way to change the size and shape of a penis is surgery.

The penoplasty or phalloplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure for the size of male sex which includes enlargement and / or elongation of the penis, which is either the increase in penis length, obtained by cutting the ligaments, or girth or width of the penis, with the use of fat transfer techniques "lipofilling penis."

Often, to create a more natural appearance of the penis, the surgery of elongation and augmentation will be performed at the same time, although either may be carried out alone.

It is also important to have realistic expectations of this intimate surgery in men is penoplasty to avoid disappointment with the results.

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Penis size

The 'normal' size of a penis, according to several studies, varies from one man to another and depends on its status: flacid or in erection:

At flaccid situation:
  • The length is on average 9cm and 13cm at rest if it is stretched at rest.
  • The circumference: 8.5 - 9cm.
In erection:
  • The average length of an erect penis is 13cm (12-16cm).
  • The average circumference of an erect penis is 12cm.
Why penoplasty?

Very few men have a very small penis, known as micropenis term, where his resting length of less than 7cm 4cm or erect. This is a very rare situation and is normally diagnosed and treated in infancy with testosterone hormones.

Men with smaller penises than average have low self-esteem and feelings of sexual inadequacy, these men are good candidates for penile augmentation surgery.


Penoplasty abroad in Tunisia

Types of penis surgery

Penile augmentation surgery, called penoplasty or phalloplasty, includes the magnification of the penis and / or the elongation

  • The penis enlargement surgery or penoplasty enlargement:
    is to grow and expand the penis or increase its circumference by injecting the patient's own fat, is the technique of lipofilling penis.
  • The lengthening surgery or penile elongation penoplasty:
    is to increase the penis’ length by cutting the suspensory ligament.

These two penile augmentation techniques can be practiced alone or each in the same operation.


Penis surgery

Benefits of penoplasty surgery

The penile augmentation surgery can provide a real boost to self-confidence, self-esteem and reduce feelings of sexual inadequacy.

Before the surgery penoplasty

Before the penile augmentation surgery and because of the psychological implications of such surgery, it is best that you visit a counselor to discuss concerns and special circumstances. Make sure you get as much information as necessary to enable you to make a fully informed choice.

You must clearly state your expectations and whether the operation can give you the results you desire.

The genital area will require a shave before any procedure.

Terms & Anesthesia Hospitalization

The surgery of penis enlargement is usually performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia.

The penoplasty can be performed as an outpatient.

The penis enlargement operation

The operation of penoplasty usually takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether you have the elongation or expansion procedures or both at the same time.

  • Elongation penoplasty
    In an elongation procedure, a small incision is made above the base of the penis and the suspensory ligament. This causes the penis falls forward, thus lengthening its appearance from the outside by 1-2 inches (20 to 50%). The ligament is then reattached and a lower flap of skin is taken from the pubic bone area and used to cover the new extension. The incision is sutured with absorbable stitches. This elongation operation affects only the length of the penis at rest, any postoperative erection remains the same length.


Elongation penoplasty

  • Enlargement penoplasty
    To enlarge or increase the girth of the penis, a small liposuction is first necessary to get the fat from the abdomen or thighs fat which is then centrifuged and transferred to the penis injection "lipofilling penis." The penis can generally be increased in circumference or periphery by 1 - 2 inches (30 - 50%). The magnification of the penis will be visible both at rest and erect.


Enlargement penoplasty with fat transfer

With the enlargement of the penis by lipofilling procedure, there is a risk of fat absorption from 30 to 40% as with any lipofilling. It will perform a 2nd session of lipofilling after 6 months.

Post-operative instructions

You will need to rest and recover for one week after the operation.

Resuming operation of the penis will be quite normal, both in terms of micturition than the erectile capacity.

Using the recommended analgesics if in pain.

Massaging your penis every day using Vaseline or similar to avoid asymmetry of the penis and to prevent the formation of irregularities.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 3 - 4 weeks post-surgery.

Avoid sexual activity for one month after surgery.


Penoplasty After surgery you should expect some pain and discomfort for several days. There will normally be some swelling, numbness and bruising, it should disappear after a few weeks.

The results

It is important to have realistic expectations of this penis enlargement surgery to avoid disappointment with the results.

The lengthening of the penis is a permanent surgical procedure. Most men are very happy with the results, both aesthetically and functionally.

The penis enlargement technique allows a gain of 2 to 3 cm in length, seen in the rest state of the penis only, and penis enlargement surgery allows a gain of 1 to 2 cm in average circumference.

What are the risks and potential complications of penile augmentation surgery?

Like all surgeries, there is always a possibility of complications, although rare, these can include:

  • Hematoma,
  • an infection,
  • The irregularity especially after the enlargement process of the penis by fat transfer or lipofilling.
The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : increase the penis length and / or circumference by cutting the suspensory ligament and / or by injecting autologous fat.
  • Hospital stay : outpatient
  • Length :1 hour
  • Anesthesia : Local with sedation or general
  • Stay in Tunisia : 4 days
  • Recovery : 4 days

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