Facelift abroad

facelift abroad

Facelift, also known as face and neck lift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery designed to restore a youthful look and the vitality of the face and neck.

Facial aging is characterized by a descent of the cheekbones, the appearance of jowls, sagging neck and wrinkling. Facelift abroad in Tunisia can rejuvenate the face by going back and tightening the structures afflicted by the weight of years.

The required skin incisions are mostly hidden in the hair and around the ear. The scar is thus almost entirely hidden.

Facelift Tunisia

What is face lift surgery?

To overcome the marks caused by aging, the cervicofacial lift is the intervention of choice that can reshape your lower face and neck.

By removing the extra skin at the jowls and neck retendant, the oval face becomes harmonious.

After a cervicofacial lift, facial appearance is younger, fresher, more rested with a quite natural result.

The cervicofacial lift does not correct nor the top of the face (forehead, eyelids) or the nasolabial folds or wrinkles of the lips. To overcome these shortcomings, other surgical procedures are associated.

Principle of facelift

Resection of skin surplus is made after deep peeling of the skin is tightened and repositioned. The sagging skin is thus corrected.

Neck muscles are tightened, helping to reshape sagging structures.

Often associated to cervicofacial lift liposuction to give back to the neck, chin and jowls more refined appearance.

Conversely, if the face is thin and gaunt, the correction is done by autologous fat injections (lipofilling or Lipostructure) to restore volume to the face at the cheekbones and nasolabial folds.

Thus the oval of the face and neck are reshaped.

The scars are placed in the hair and in front and behind the ears, they are well hidden and will be almost invisible with time.

From the first signs of aging that is to say, about 40 or 45 years the head and neck lift can be practiced.

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Facelift abroad

Face lift surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures

  • An upper and / or lower eyelid surgery is performed in order to correct drooping eyelids or pockets of fat.
  • Brows lift to correct wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Lipofilling or fat injection, to restore volume to the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

Preparation for facelift surgery

A preoperative evaluation is necessary before surgery.

Taking aspirin should be avoided ten days before surgery. Stopping smoking is strongly advised one month before and after the intervention.

Hair should be washed the day before surgery and careful cleaning of the skin will be performed the same day.

Types of hospitalization and anesthesiaAnesthesia:

For the patient’s convenience, a general anesthesia is required.

Hospitalization period:

Three nights are usually required for this type of intervention.

Facelift surgery operation

The surgeon is the only judge of what technique to adopt that must be specific and consistent with each case treated in order to have a satisfactory result.

Nevertheless, there are common actions:

  • Skin incision in the scalp, and in front and behind the ears.
  • Detachment of the skin.
  • tightening of muscle plan.
  • Precise excision of excess skin.
  • double chin liposuction
  • Suturing the skin on Redon drains.
  • Pressure dressing.

This surgery requires three to four hours of intervention.

After face lift surgery

  • Drains are put in place to reduce the risk of hematoma, they are removed after 24-48 hours.
  • The dressing is changed the following day by a lighter dressing.
  • The sutures are absorbable.
  • Hair can be washed after the removal of redons.
  • Hair dye is allowed 4 to 6 weeks postoperatively.
  • We notice the first few weeks after the operation:
    • Edema which usually lasts a month or more.
    • Blue neck and face that last a few weeks.
    • A feeling of tension with pain relieved by analgesics.
    • A transient decrease in sensitivity and induration of peeled skin, reversible after a few weeks.
    • The desocialization period is of 15 days.
  • The end result is appreciated after six months for the facelift, after 1 year for scars.

Face lift surgery risks and possible complications

It falls very rarely some complications of cervicofacial lift. The patient satisfaction rate is very high. But however, few complications cases occur without questioning the competence of the plastic surgeon.

  • Complications of general anesthesia.
  • Hematoma must be evacuated quickly.
  • Skin necrosis, favored by smoking delaying healing.
  • Infection, exceptional.
  • Facial paralysis due to a trauma of the facial nerve. This paralysis usually reaches only one part of the face and is exceptionally final.
  • A transient decrease in sensitivity of the ear due to the lesion of the ear’s sensory nerve.
  • Malposition of earlobes, forward and down. This will reposition the lobe by a surgical procedure within a period ranging from 6 to 12 months.
  • Imperfections of the result: insufficient correction asymmetry. Surgical correction may be considered after a minimum of six months.

Ultimately, the cervicofacial lift remains safe and with little risk, do not overstate the risks but simply to read it.

Facelift surgery abroad cost

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The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : corrects the effects of aging on the lower face and neck. It allows redrawing the oval face, eliminating jowls and tightening the neck.
  • Hospital stay : 3 nights (1night before + 2 nights after the surgery).
  • Length :3- 4 hours.
  • Anesthesia : General.
  • Side Effects : bruising, swelling, discomfort, temporary numbness, tight feeling, dry skin.
  • Risks :infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, permanent numbness, permanent nerve damage, delayed wound healing.
  • Stay in Tunisia : 8 nights = 3 nights at the clinic + 5 nights at the hotel.
  • Recovery : Back to work: 2 weeks.
  • Result : 12 weeks until final result, scars continue to improve over 18 months.

face lift abroad