Breast lift abroad

breast lift abroad

Breast lift or breast uplift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to correct breast ptosis, or sagging breasts.

Breast ptosis can occur following a pregnancy with breastfeeding, significant weight loss or just with age. It results in a sagging of the mammary gland and a distension of the surrounding skin.

The surgery to correct breast ptosis is called Mastopexy or more commonly "breast lift" or "breast uplift" . It results in a repositioning of the areola and nipple in the correct position with the concentration of the mammary gland and then removing the excess of skin. The breasts are repositioned and harmoniously curved.

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Breast lift Tunisia

What is breast lift surgery?

Breast ptosis is a result of the collapse of the mammary gland following a loosening of the skin of the chest. The breast is too low and the gland is uninhabited at its upper part.

Ptosis often occurs after pregnancy, prolonged lactation period or a considerable weight loss. It is called “pure” when isolated or exists immediately. Breast ptosis can be accompanied by hypertrophy or hypotrophy breasts.

The cosmetic surgery to correct breast ptosis is commonly known as a "breast lift". It consists of the removal of excess skin, a replacement of the mammary gland and a repositioning of the areola and nipple. It aims to give back to the patient harmonious and firm breasts with the desired volume.

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Breast lift abroad

Is breast lift surgery right for you?

The breast lift or mastopexy aims to position and reshape the breasts by acting directly on the skin and glandular tissue. The excess skin was removed and the gland is concentrated in a higher and more aesthetic position.

Breast ptosis is accompanied by a low position of the areola and nipple. The breast lift repositions and refocuses them to create a harmonious result.

At the end of the intervention, the skin is sutured and the breast is reconstructed. Sutures are the cause of the postoperative scarring.

Preparation for breast lift surgery

  • A health check is required before surgery.
  • Preoperative mammogram is systematically required for women with more than 35 years and who may be exposed to breast cancer.
  • Tobacco is not advised and smoking abstention should be exerted at least one month before and one month after surgery, smoking can delay healing.
  • Any form of oral contraception should be stopped especially when accompanied by risk factors including obesity, clotting disorders or poor venous condition.
  • Stop all aspirin-based drugs for ten days preoperational.

Type of anesthesia and hospital stay

  • Type of anesthesia: The breast lift requires a general anesthetic procedure.
  • Hospital stay: The average hospital stay following a breast lift is 2 to 3 days.

Breast lift surgery procedure

We can distinguish three techniques:

  • A scar inverted T
  • A vertical scar
  • A scar called the round block is periareolar

The choice of the technique depends on the severity of breast ptosis and the degree of loosening of the skin of the breasts.

Breast ptosis degree

breast uplift tunisia

Breast ptosis degree

The 3 surgical techniques

cost breast lift abroad

cost breast lift tunisia

cost breast uplift abroad

Circumareolar mastopexy
(Minor degree of breast ptosis)
Vertical mastopexy
(Moderate degree of breast ptosis)
Inverted-T mastopexy
(Severe degree of breast ptosis)
  • When ptosis is severe, the technique of inverted T is performed. It consists of three incisions: one incision around the areola, a vertical incision and a horizontal incision under the breast at the crease under the breast. The final scar shows an aspect of a marine anchor.
  • In the case of moderate ptosis, the vertical technique is applied. It results in an incision on the areolar circumference and a vertical incision. Unlike the inverted T technique, the vertical technique reduces scar to its areola and vertical components only.
  • If ptosis is very moderate, the technique then uses the "round block" which guarantees the correction of breast ptosis with only a scar around the areola.

Breast lift can be combined with breast enlargement or breast reduction

In case the mammary ptose comes along with a mammary hypotrophy, we associate with breast lift breast augmentation with breast implants, which are going to give of the volume to the breast to obtain an aesthetic and harmonious result. In case of breast hypertrophy, a breast uplift can be combined with breast reduction. It consists of a redraping of excess skin around the breast and a reduction in breast volume.

After breast lift surgery

  • To avoid the risk of hematoma, a drainage system is set up. It will be kept for an average of 1 to 2 days
  • 24 to 48 hours after surgery, the dressing is removed and replaced with a lighter dressing. Wearing a bra without underwire is mandatory night and day for a period of six weeks
  • The sutures are absorbable
  • 24 hours after removal of drains, a first shower is allowed.
  • Following the intervention, and a usual way we can see:
  • Oedema: it gradually disappears but can last about 30 days or more
  • Bruises in the breast: they disappear after 2 to 3 weeks
  • A tense and sensitive breast.
  • A decrease in sensitivity at the areola, which usually disappears after a while
  • The breast lift does not interfere with breast cancer detection by mammography. It is nevertheless advisable to perform a baseline mammogram a few months after surgery
  • 15-day convalescence is necessary and a cessation of any sportactivities for at least 2 months
  • The redness of scars is visible for a few months. But their final appearance will be judged one year after the intervention. Avoid UV exposure for 1 year
  • It is advised to avoid pregnancy during the year following the intervention so as not to alter the result of the intervention
  • The final volume and form of the chest are definitive after 4 to 6 months and the appearance of scars after a year

Breast lift surgery risks and possible complications

Complications following a breast lift are exceptional and postoperative problems are rare. The result often gives satisfaction to the greatest number of patients. However there are some unforeseeable risks you need to be aware of.

Possible postoperative complications did not question the expertise of a plastic surgeon but are often linked to the intervention itself, including:

  • Risks associated with general anesthesia, required for a breast lift
  • Exceptional thromboembolism
  • A rare infection, requiring treatment with antibiotics and sometimes a surgical drainage
  • Delayed wound healing leading to a longer recovery
  • A hematoma
  • A transient decrease in nipple sensitivity, a return to normal is observed after 6 to 18 months. It may exceptionally be final
  • Partial or total necrosis of areolas: Smoking and being overweight are contributing factors
  • A partial necrosis or extent of the mammary gland manifesting hardened nodule and requiring more extensive treatment and care
  • Hypertrophy scars may occur unpredictably and can require surgical retouching.

The breast lift is a very low risk procedure, it is therefore not overestimate the risk but it is important to be aware of for an informed decision.

Breast lift surgery abroad cost

The cost of breast lift abroad in Tunisia is affordable and cheap, compared to price in UK or Europe. It's about 50 or 60% cheaper. Do not hesitate to request a quotation for your breast uplift abroad in Tunisia.

The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : aims to make the areola and the nipple look well positioned, to refocus and to ascend the gland and remove excess skin
  • Hospital stay : 2 nights
  • Length : 22h1/2hours
  • Anesthesia : general
  • Side Effects : bruising, swelling, discomfort, temporary numbness
  • Risks :infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, permanent numbness, nipple areola loss, delayed wound healing, diminished nipple sensation.
  • Recovery : Back to work: 2 weeks
  • Stay in Tunisia : 7 nights
  • Result : 12 weeks until final result, scars continue to improve over 18 months.

breast lift abroad