Cosmetic surgery before and after

Cosmetic surgery has enjoyed considerable growth in several decades, both technically and in terms of its indications. Every day hundreds of patients are operated in Tunisia and thousands around the world.

Plastic surgery is a real specialty in the medical world. Many research projects, both technically and technologically, are carried out continuously.

Plastic surgery concerns men, women, children, young seniors and seniors. Everyone can access it with the utmost security and with excellent results.

The purpose of this website is to provide simple and accurate information, as complete as possible for the general public as well as health and beauty professionals seeking information on cosmetic surgery.

What’s cosmetic surgery ?

Cosmetic surgery goals are rejuvenation and / or remodeling of the face and body in healthy subjects. By remodeling, we mean the modifications that can be made to certain areas of the body by decreasing them (breeches, belly, breasts, etc.) or by increasing them (breasts, buttocks, face, etc.). These changes are accompanied by a movement of the skin and tissues that mold to the new shape given, it is the draping.

This specialty is at the crossroads of several fields: it meets the same scientific criteria as other medical and surgical specialties. In addition, it has an artistic aspect, its goal being beauty, and a psychological aspect, because it studies the behavior of patients and patients and aims to improve their balance and well-being.

Cosmetic surgery should be distinguished from reconstructive surgery, the purpose of which is to reconstruct what nature, disease, or trauma has destroyed or deformed (eg repairing a breast after removal for cancer).

It is interesting to note that there are many non-surgical techniques or alternatives that can be offered to you depending on the case.

Who is concerned by plastic surgery?

Each or all of us is confronted with its image. This concern for one's own image is a phenomenon of society today, even if at all times aesthetics has been an important center of interest for men and women. 

Some people are particularly concerned about their image or want to correct a physical disgrace.  

Nowadays, the external image and the youth are essential assets which one privileges all the more as one lives longer in good health. Cosmetic surgery aims to preserve these assets.

Its fundamental principle is not to make a modification to an individual to make him look like others but to correct his image to improve his inner well-being.

The ultimate goal is to harmonize the body envelope and the psyche.

At each stage of life, at all ages, one may be concerned with a desire to improve one's body aesthetics. The motivations of each are very varied:

 The child will wish to correct a detachment of his ears so as not to be mocked by his comrades and to be like them.

 The girl with breast hypertrophy will be very disabled for sports practice and will suffer from back pain. She will suffer from a complex and will dress only with loose clothes to hide this peculiarity.

 Rhinoplasty is an intervention that reveals the beauty of a person hidden by an unsightly nose and thus to provide assurance to the person concerned.

 Small breasts can deprive the woman of a natural development. Restoring a beautiful breast allows the woman to regain all its femininity. A pair of saddlebags often complicates the woman when she dresses and undresses because there is a certain disproportion between the upper body and the thighs. Dealing with this problem makes it possible to re-harmonize the silhouette.

 Nowadays, life expectancy has increased and one can live in good health for a long time. Age is no longer an obstacle to travel, activities, a new love life. The body envelope is no longer in harmony with the spirit and many want to correct this imbalance.

It may be necessary to correct a disgrace for professional purposes. Man is more and more concerned with beauty and very demanding of interventions too: rejuvenation surgery, correction of troublesome fat deposits, rhinoplasty.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda presents somme cases of before and after cosmetic surgery photos.

When are we concerned by cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is to be considered when a physical disgrace becomes worrying enough to think that its treatment will improve inner well-being and social fulfillment. This desire for improvement must emanate from oneself, and concern first of all only oneself. This is a fundamental rule. We do not have surgery to please others, this consideration is incidental, or to recover a spouse because in these cases the surgical failure is certain.

It is therefore important to answer the following questions:

Why and for whom I want surgery?

In the specific case where we have been able to answer these questions clearly, it is certain that your consultation process is necessary. 

What is the goal of plastic surgery?

The goal is first of all the physical and psychological balance. Performing a cosmetic surgery procedure must always meet this purpose.

Finally the desired result must always be natural and in harmony with the whole body.

You can have a look at before and after cosmetic surgery by Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda.