G Spot amplification in Tunisia

After much controversy over its existence, the "G-spot" is now recognized as the equivalent of the female prostate. Its stimulation is at the origin of vaginal orgasm.

G-spot is an erectile zone 2 to 3 cm long in the vaginal wall anterior to 3 cm from the vaginal opening, midway between the pubis and the cervix.

Its size and sensitivity vary from woman to woman. It has its own muscular reactivity to various stimulations, as well as exocrine function (excretion of the vaginal fluid).

G-spot amplification is a cosmetic procedure related to intimate cosmetic surgery.

Many women complain of a decrease in their sexual sensitivity, or even orgasmic difficulties developed over time.

The point G amplification procedure corrects these disorders of female pleasure and allows women to find or regain a fulfilling sexuality.

Best candidates for G spot amplification?

There is not really a good answer to this question, it all depends on the need of the patient. A decrease in sexual sensitivity or loss of libido may be due to psychological factors, but the origin may also be medical.

Indeed, in some women, there is atrophy of the mucosa of this region. This intervention will help them regain sensitivity and amplify vaginal orgasm.

Before G spot amplification

Before the procedure, it is recommended to the patients to follow some hygienic precautions, and in particular to make sure to present oneself shaved. 

It is preferable to talk about the amplification of the G spot, because the amplification of the G-spot is carried out thanks to a technique of injection of hyaluronic acid in a precise region of the wall of the vagina. The patient is anesthetized locally during the surgical procedure.

The procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes, the patient can then return home without any particular precautions, with a resumption of intimate activities within 3 to 4 days following the procedure.

The G spot amplification procedure

This operation can be disrupted and cause over time a decline in desire. The causes can be various: of hormonal origin (decrease of the hormones with the time), also anatomical (after birth, after a pelvic, perineal surgery ...) or psychological.

An answer can be proposed with "amplification of the G-spot" to expose this erogenous zone so that it is more easily stimulated. It is an injection of 2 to 3 ml of hyaluronic acid, a natural and absorbable product.

This hyaluronic acid injection is almost painless and performed as an outpatient. The increase in volume of this area will make it more easily stimulable, and can improve these sexual disorders.

This technique is the only treatment for rejuvenation, support of this tissue erogenous zone, modified during the different female genital periods. The effect lasts between eight months and 1, 5 years.

Side effects are rare: pain at the injection site, local inflammatory reaction (less than 5%). In contrast, superficial bleeding is common immediately after injection.

After G spot enhancement

It should be known that hyaluronic acid has a limited life span, of the order of 12-24 months. This does not mean that it is necessary to make a new injection at regular intervals but that it is possible that the orgasmic sensations are not as intense as during the first days following the intervention. 

Injection of hyaluronic acid can however awaken the "reflex" orgasmic in women and maintain it over time. The same type of intervention can be performed by lipostructure, or transfer of purified fat, in order to obtain more stable and durable results over time.

G spot amplification prices

The price of this procedure depends on the technique, or the amount of hyaluronic acid used.

The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : G spot amplification by dermal fillers or fat transfer.
  • Hospital stay : outcome.
  • Length :1/2 hour.
  • Anesthesia : local.
  • Stay in Tunisia : 3 days.
  • Recovery : 1 day.

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