Our cosmetic surgery services in Tunisia

Direct contact with your cosmetic surgeon abroad in Tunisia: no middleman

With Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda, a contact with your cosmetic surgeon abroad in Tunisia is established directly without any intermediary. We are not an agency or a tour operator. Your request will be followed personally by the professional advices of Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda in the full respect for medical ethics and confidentiality.

Why choose cosmetic surgery abroad with us?

Because you are selecting a board certified plastic surgeon:

  • Registered with the French Medical Council in France - Paris (www.chirurgiens-plasticiens.info);
  • Registered with the Tunisian Medical Council in Tunisia - Tunis ( www.ordre-medecins.org.tn );
  • Registered with the British Medical Council in the UK (www.gmc-uk.org).
  • Because you are selecting a surgeon with about 15 years of experience in plastic surgery.
  • Because you are selecting a surgeon who is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)(www.isaps.org).
  • Because you have the opportunity to meet your surgeon in London before you take your decision.
  • Because your surgeon offers you free follow-up and aftercare in London for a year after the procedure.
  • Because you are selecting a surgeon who has ISAPS Insurance.

Is it safe to undertake a cosmetic surgery in our surgery clinic in Tunisia?

Dr. Bouzguenda has chosen for you the best cosmetic surgery clinics for your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia: El Amen La Marsa Clinic and La Soukra Clinic.

All procedures take place within the “European Standards of Safety” which are the highest and most rigorous in the world.

The clinic accomplishes all the standards for minor and major operations, with the latest technology, intensive care unit and board certified anesthesiologists.

Affordable and very attractive prices for your cosmetic surgery abroad 

Plastic surgery in Tunisia prices are much cheaper than the prices charged in the UK. In fact, the cost of the cosmetic surgery procedure including your stay at the hotel in Tunisia is up to 50% cheaper than in the UK. Some mistakenly associate these reduced tariffs to a lower quality of services, but there are several reasons for this difference:

  • A very favorable exchange rate (1GBP = 2, 7 DT).
  • The staff is cheaper.
  • Social charges significantly lower than in the UK.

Our prices are very affordable within Europe and include medical fees, cosmetic procedure, clinic stay, implants and/or garment when needed, medications, hotel stay and transfers hotel-clinic-hotel.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda guides you to take the best decision

The decision to undergo plastic surgery procedure should be taken after careful consideration. This is not a decision to take lightly, hence the importance of the preoperative consultation. In addition to the detailed information available on our website, Dr. Bouzguenda guides you in your choice. She will provide you with the entire follow up: step by step guide, with all the information and professional advices to help you take the best decision.

Pre-operative consultations

  • First option: You can meet your surgeon in London for a first consultation. She comes to our consulting room once every two months, usually on Saturdays. The cost of the consultation is seventy pounds.
  • Second option: If it is not possible for you to visit London for a consultation, we can arrange for you to communicate with your surgeon by email and telephone. You will meet your surgeon the day before your surgery for a pre-operative consultation.

The first consultation is the first contact where we define the expectations and the needs of the patient as well as advantages and risks of the cosmetic procedure you have chosen.

What services do we provide for your plastic surgery abroad?

We will inform you about every single aspect of the operation. INFORMATION is a must, and we try to help the patient take the right decision explaining all the important aspects. Internet is usually the first contact but shortly a personal visit will follow. The first consultation is in London. Therefore you will discuss your case personally with your plastic surgeon Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda.

If you are considering undertaking a cosmetic operation with us, you have to take into account that we offer a minimum stay in the clinic for a given procedure. After this stay, you have to stay for a time in Tunis, between 5-10 days depending on the procedure performed. This time is the minimum required for an adequate recovery and to get well enough to come back to your country. We do not book flights.

You will be cared for all the time, in the clinic and in the hotel, because you will be able to contact us 24 h a day. In the clinic you will be lodged in a private room and a relative can stay with you.

May I do some sightseeing in Tunis?

Yes but BEFORE the operation. This is not SURGICAL HOLIDAYS as advertised in other places. Surgery is serious and after the operation you need a relaxed environment and rest to recover faster.

What about the follow up?

Depending on the nature of your procedure, a period of convalescence with medical follow-up is needed for your aesthetic stay in Tunisia. Throughout this period, and even after you come back home, Dr. Bouzguenda will insure your follow up till your total recovery.

We use dissolving stitches in most of our procedures, so there is no need to remove them. We will provide you with all instructions needed for a good healing and recovery.

You can contact the surgeon as many times as you want by e-mail or phone. And remember that the surgeon is going to London once every 2 months.

One month after the procedure, we provide you with a post-operative consultation with your surgeon in our London consulting room.

If you can't come to London, follow-up and after care can be conducted by your own GP or Healthcare provider.

Please note that your surgeon offers free follow-up for a year after the procedure.

Patient Guarantee

Your surgeon is covered by ISAPS Insurance.

This is additional insurance that covers remedial treatment that may be necessary following your surgery. It covers the most common conditions that require revision surgery. In the unlikely event that your surgeon (or an approved surgeon in your country of residence if you travelled abroad for your surgery) diagnoses you with one of these conditions, then the surgeon's insurance will cover the costs and charges (up to a limit agreed with our insurers) for the corrective or remedial treatment by your surgeon or an approved ISAPS surgeon in your country of residence.

Your surgeon has only been accepted for this insurance because she is a member of ISAPS. ISAPS have strict requirements for membership to ensure their surgeons have the highest standards of training and experience.

Like any surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery has certain risks. Although these risks are still studied by your practitioner, some risks are beyond your cosmetic surgeon and are specific to certain procedures.

Thus, in very rare cases where a retouch is needed, Dr. Bouzguenda will bear the costs of this procedure. This warranty applies only to the patient and do not cover the cost of air transport and the stay at the hotel.

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