Plastic surgery abroad in Tunisia

Having Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad is a very personal and big decision and choosing your plastic surgeon is a vital first step.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. She offers a full range of plastic cosmetic surgery procedures.

The main aim of this website is to explain, clarify, and even demystify some of the many issues involved when considering cosmetic plastic surgery abroad. These notes serve as a starting point for your enquiry.

The initial consultation is one of the most important steps: you will have a full discussion of your expectations and concerns; and this will help you base your final decision. A consultation in the UK prior to travel is proposed and this can be a good way of meeting your cosmetic surgeon, feeling confident and getting a confirmed price first.

Unlike reconstructive surgery aiming into correcting a deformity or to remedy certain hereditary diseases or accidents, cosmetic surgery, nowadays, aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a face or to reshape a silhouette in order to harmonize the physical appearance of a person.

In recent years, cosmetic surgery in Tunisia has experienced tremendous growth. Tunisia offers several advantages making it one of the top medical tourism destinations in the Mediterranean region.

With its developed health infrastructure, quality of care and its modern aesthetic clinics, Tunisia has emerged as a health destination of excellence, especially in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Why choose Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda for your cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia?

  • Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda is the only Plastic Surgeon in Tunisia recognized and qualified in France (Paris) by the French Medical under number 79209;
  • Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda is the only Plastic surgeon in Tunisia who is registered with the British Medical Council “GMC” (GMC reference number: 6132016; Do not hesitate to consult the Dr. Bouzguenda CV to ensure the quality and training of your cosmetic surgeon abroad in Tunisia.
  • For your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, direct contact between patient & cosmetic surgeon:
    Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda will personally and carefully study your request, there is no middleman!! You can consult the services offered and the different step by step guide to undergo plastic cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia (breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, breast reduction ...).

Qualified & Registered with the French Medical Council in Paris


Registered with the General Medical Council in the UK (GMC)


Qualifiée & Registered with the Tunisian Medical Council in Tunis


Active Member with the International Society of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery in USA (ISAPS)


Member with the Tunisian Society of Aesthetic Surgery (STCE)


Member with the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery (SFCE)


Member with the Tunisian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (STCPRE)

Cosmetic Plastic surgery procedures abroad in Tunisia

Dr. Bouzguenda offers you many plastic surgery procedures in Tunisia: breast plastic surgery, body contouring surgery, face plastic surgery, lipofilling, Lipotransfer or fat transfer surgery, non-surgical procedures and intimate surgery.

To get more information on the different cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Tunisia, Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda invites you to consult her website and the photo gallery:

After choosing your plastic cosmetic surgery procedure, please contact Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda to send your request and to get a free quote for your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Why choose Tunisia for Cosmetic Surgery abroad?

The practice of cosmetic plastic surgery abroad in Tunisia is not new, in recent years; it has experienced a great craze. If Tunisia enjoys a worldwide reputation, it is because it has given itself the means:

Tunisian private clinics are among the most sophisticated and best equipped in the region. The modernity of available medical facilities has made Tunisia not only a popular destination for cosmetic surgery, but also for all kinds of surgeries.

El Amen La Marsa Clinic and La Soukra Clinic are two well known clinics in Tunisia and mainly frequented by Western nationals living in Tunisia.


The Tunisian state requires private clinics to meet strict sanitary standards. Moreover, the majority of these clinics fully meet the European standards.

Tunisian plastic surgeons are highly trained and some of them were trained in France, United Kingdom or United States.

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda is highly qualified in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery by:

  • The French Medical Council under number 79209 ( )
  • The Tunisian Medical Council under number 12501 ( )
  • The British Medical Council under the number 6132016 ( )
  • The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the USA ( )

Prices of cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia including your stay at the hotel are up to 50% - 60% cheaper than in UK or France. This makes the cosmetic plastic surgery in Tunisia cheap, affordable and very attractive.

With sun, sandy beach and well-developed tourist infrastructure, Tunisia offers an ideal setting for a stay and postoperative convalescence in the best conditions.