Dark circles treatment in Tunisia

Dark circles are a frequent reason for consultation in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. It sits at the level of the lower eyelids and forms either a hollow or a pocket.

The eyes are the mirror of the face and the lower eyelid underlines our look. Dark circles make her look sad and tired. Patients often report words such as: "I have an ugly head in the morning when I look in the mirror, I feel constantly tired, my entourage imagines that I spend my time out and to party ... "

Makeup, anti-ring products in local application (soaked compresses, creams, gels ...) and refrigerated patches, achieve either a camouflage or a slight tensioning with a disinfiltering effect. But their duration of action remains very transient.

Certainly, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, a lack of vitamins, hormonal disorders, may be at the origin: we speak then about acquired cerne. The treatment will therefore be adapted to the cause that triggered it.

But most often, it is a hereditary or skin-related ring, depending on ethnicity.

In fact, what does not seem obvious at first sight is that there is not one, but several types of circles. For each patient, it is therefore necessary to make an accurate analysis on a case by case basis, because the treatment will be very different depending on the area encountereds

Deep set eyes

As the name suggests, it digs the lower eyelid that appears "emptied". It is caused by a melting of the eyelid fat or aging of the face: the skin is refined, the cheekbones flatten, the face is "skeletonized".

The treatment consists in filling the hollow: by injection of fat and especially at present, by injection of Hyaluronic Acid fillers very fluid using micro-cannulas. This is followed by a gradual and regular lapping of the filling product all along the eyelid. This technique greatly minimizes the risk of hematomas that previously occurred with conventional needles.

These injections must be done with delicacy and parsimony, in order to put just the amount of Hyaluronic Acid necessary to avoid any risk of overcorrection. If necessary, the injections will be done in 2 sessions spaced 15 days apart.

Eye bags

This is the opposite situation, that is to say the presence of bags under the eyes. The eyelid is "full" because the orbital fat makes hernia and permanently distends the skin of the lower eyelid. This is very different from the poached eyes in the morning upon waking (accumulation of lymph during the night, which disappears after getting up).

Treatment of eye bags is exclusively surgical: it is the surgery of the lower eyelids or lower eyelid surgery.

In young people, the procedure is usually done through the inside of the eyelid because fat hernias are still low volume and the skin is simply distended but without excess. As a result, the scar remains invisible.

At a later age, it is often necessary to remove the excess skin at the same time: the intervention will be done by passing in front, making a fine scar just under the edge of the eyelashes.

Dark circles

It is characterized by the presence of a more or less intense pigmentation of the lower eyelid. Its color is variable and can have various origins:

Light-skinned people with dark lower eyelids by the presence of melanin accumulation. In general of hereditary origin, this type of ring appears brown, or even bluish (color "blue ink").

Conversely, people with mixed or brown skin with a high concentration of melanin on their eyelids. This color reaches the 4 eyelids in their entirety, to the edge of the eyelashes. In this case, the color of the ring appears much more intense than the surrounding skin, ranging from dark brown to black.

Eyelids whose skin is particularly thin, revealing by transparency, the capillaries of the dermis: the ring, called "vascular" ring, is in this case rather blue or red.

Conversely, people with eyelids whose skin is particularly thick (stratum corneum) or with large greasy pockets: the ring then takes on a yellow color.

The treatment of the pigmentary ring is delicate, if only because the color is located not on the surface, but in the deep layers of the dermis. In addition, the skin of the eyelids is fragile, allowing only gentle and non-aggressive techniques, if necessary by renewing them several times.

The mild peels (glycolic acid, weak trichloroacetic acid, resorcinol) allow in several sessions, a gradual lightening of the pigmentation related to melanin and a fading of wrinkles.

Local redness and small temporary crusts are to be expected.

The pulsed light or Fraxel laser sessions have an identical effect and also allow a certain degree of tensioning of the eyelids. They improve the texture of the skin and allow a smoothing of the pericocular wrinkles and wrinkles of crow's feet.

In most cases, these treatments will be associated with the prescription over several months of a depigmenting cream, generally applied at night, in order to potentiate the lightening effect of these various processes. Extended sun protection is also essential.

For vascular rings, the injection of small amounts of Hyaluronic Acid allows to slightly thicken the eyelid. By thus removing the surface of the skin from the underlying capillary vessels, the existing coloring effect is attenuated.

As for fat pockets with or without excess skin, they will benefit from blepharoplasty.

Dark circles with deep set eyes or eye bags

It corresponds to the association in various degrees, the various abnormalities described above: hollow or pockets, more or less pronounced pigmentation and variable color, excess skin, presence of wrinkles, etc ...

The problem is more complex and requires an accurate analysis to define the therapeutic protocol and thus the combination of treatments best suited to the case presented: blepharoplasty, filling, pulsed light, laser, peeling ...

There is no real prevention of the ring. In the majority of cases, its appearance is indeed genetically programmed. By seeing one's own parents, one can sometimes predict how our gaze and the appearance of our eyelids will evolve over time.

All the more reason not to aggravate things by a good lifestyle, a sufficient duration of sleep, an eviction of the tobacco, a protection vis-à-vis the UV by the wearing of sunglasses and by an optimal contribution in vitamins within a healthy and balanced diet.

The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : dark circles treatment with hyaluronic acid or mesotherapy or fat transfer or chemical peel.
  • Hospital stay : Outcome.
  • Length :1/2 hour.
  • Anesthesia : local anesthesia.
  • Side Effects : bruising, swelling.
  • Recovery : Back to work: immediately.
  • Result :1 week.

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