Breast augmentation abroad

breast augmentation abroad

Breast augmentation, also called breast enlargement or boob job is a cosmetic surgical procedure for breasts, practiced since the early twentieth century. It consists of inserting breast implants, in order to increase the volume of breasts when they are poorly developed or to improve their appearance due to thinning or after breastfeeding. Breast augmentation procedure is among the most popular and most practiced cosmetic surgery procedures.

Following pregnancy or simply with age, the breast may lose its charm: The skin relaxes and breasts lose their firmness, which alters their appearance. The intervention of breast augmentation is to remedy these misfortunes and give back to your breast volume and a beautiful neckline.

The placement of breast implants may be associated with a breast lift when they are droopy.

For your breast augmentation abroad in Tunisia, Dr Bouzguenda is sure to follow your procedure step by step from setting up your balance sheet until your total recovery. All assets will be provided to succeed your breast enlargement surgery abroad in Tunisia at an affordable price and have a result in line with your expectations.

Breast augmentation Tunisia

Is breast augmentation right for me?

Femininity is often associated with a beautiful breast. Several events in the woman's life can alter the shape, volume and charm of the breast. Following significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding, the breast may lose its charm. Breast enlargement surgery is a breast plastic surgery procedure, which aims to remedy these misfortunes and get to chest all its previous glory.

Breast augmentation or boob job may also be indicated in some cases of breast malformations including tuberous breasts or in case of breast asymmetry

What is breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation or boob job is a breast plastic surgery procedure which aims to increase breast size by inserting breast implants.

Often, breast hypoplasia is associated with breast ptosis or sagging breasts with sagging skin and a low position of the areola. In this case, a breast lift is indicated in addition to the breast augmentation. The breast lift will help to remove excess skin and to replace the nipple to get firm and beautiful breasts.

The different types of breast implants

Breast implants are made of a silicone shell and filler. There are two types of breast implants, the difference lies essentially in the nature of the filling product:

  • Breast implants filled with silicone gel
  • Breast implants filled with saline

Breast implants filled with silicone gel are similar in consistency to a normal breast. Therefore they constitute the vast majority of breast implants placed.

Dr. Bouzguenda, your plastic surgeon in Tunisia, uses new breast implants pre-filled with a new generation silicone gel, these breast implants are of course available in Tunisia:

  • Sebbin breast implants
  • Arion breast implants

These breast implants marketed in Tunisia meet CE standards and have several advantages including: an envelope and ultra-durable textured avoiding capsular contracture and a great diversity of shapes and volumes.

Breast augmentation surgery procedure

The preliminary phase for breast augmentation

Before you arrive in Tunisia, there should be a complete medical examination prescribed by your plastic surgeon and to ensure that your health allows you to have breast cosmetic surgery. You are therefore required to:

  • A complete blood test
  • Preoperative mammography

Your plastic surgeon in Tunisia, Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda advises her patients to:

  • Do not take a contraceptive at least 15 days before surgery
  • Do not take aspirin, anticoagulants or anti-inflammatory at least one month before surgery
  • Avoid pregnancy in the year following surgery

On arrival in Tunisia and admission to cosmetic clinic, you will have a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon and the anesthetist. Dr. Bouzguenda gives you all the information on breast augmentation surgery and postoperative follow-up.

Type of anesthesia for boob job

This breast augmentation surgery in Tunisia requires general anesthesia.

Hospital stay: The breast augmentation surgery in Tunisia requires two nights of hospitalization, to ensure your monitoring 24h / 24h.

Duration of stay to cosmetic breast augmentation in Tunisia: The duration of aesthetics stay advocated in Tunisia after breast implants is 6 nights / 7days. After your hospitalization, you will be transferred to the hotel to enjoy your stay in Tunisia and have convalescence in a pleasant and quiet area.

Breast enlargement procedure abroad in Tunisia

Dr. Chiraz Bouzguenda chooses, by mutual agreement with the patient, the surgical approach and the position of the breast implant that will fit the patient’s expectations and morphology.

Choice of incision for breast implants

There are 3 types of incisions to insert breast implants:

  • The periareolar incision: crescent-shaped incision at the lower edge of the areola
  • The inframammary incision under the breast: incision in the lower fold under the breast
  • The transaxillary incision: incision in the armpit.

It should be noted that in the case of breast augmentation associated with a breast lift, a vertical incision or "inverted T" is necessary.

Each type of incision has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the incision will be decided according to the expectations and the anatomy of each patient. The surgical approach will correspond to the site of the future scar (though hidden in a junction area or a natural crease).

Choice of breast implant placement

The breast implants can be placed in two positions:

  • In front of the pectoral muscle: This alternative is considered when the mammary gland is thick enough to completely drape the breast implant and thus make his edges invisible.
  • Behind the pectoral muscle: This alternative is considered for thin patients who do not have an enough thick gland to wrap the breast implant and make it invisible.

breast enlargement abroad 

Breast enlargement abroad in Tunisia

Drains and dressing

A drainage system is in place to reduce the risk of hematoma. The end of surgery, a modeling and compression bandage is made.

The breast augmentation procedure lasts about one hour and a half.

After breast augmentation surgery

It is normal to feel pain during the first days especially when the breast implants were placed under the pectoral muscles. Dr, Chiraz Bouzguenda prescribes you painkillers.

Swelling and bruising may occur during the initial days and gradually disappear in the following days.

The final aspect of the shape of breasts and scars is obtained after 3-6 months of the procedure.

After boob job surgery, it is recommended:

  • To stop working for 8 to 12 days.
  • To stop any athletic activity for 2 months after surgery.
  • To wear all the time (night and day) a special bra (non-under-wired support bra) for 6 weeks.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe and reliable surgery procedure. Complications are fortunately very rare and usually minor.

  • Thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism
  • Hematoma: bleeding can happen within 24-48 hours after surgery, requiring a return to the operating theatre to be evacuated
  • seroma or lymphatic effusion: requiring punction or surgical drainage
  • Infection: when an exceptionally infection arises in immediate postoperative period, an antibiothique treatment is often sufficient. If the infection is severe and it persists, an implant removal is necessary. A new implant can be placed 6 months to 1 year after the first surgical procedure
  • Capsular contracture: Following breast augmentation, a natural scar develops around the implant to form a capsule. Sometimes this capsule shrinks and squeezes the breast making it very round, hard and sometimes painful, it is called capsular contracture. It is possible to reduce the risk of capsular contracture with regular breast massage postoperatively. However in the most severe cases, a capsulotomy should be considered
  • Rupture or deflation of the breast implant: breast implants do not have a definite life in advance. If out of the prosthesis, a change is needed
  • Formation of folds or waves: Especially in thin patients
  • Stretch: appear especially if the implant is bulky
  • Income imperfections: asymmetry, insufficient correction, breast malposition.

Other minor complications may occur, following breast augmentation, Dr. Bouzguenda takes care of you and explains for you the risks.

Breast augmentation is a reliable, low-risk plastic cosmetic surgery abroad procedure, do not overestimate the risks but it is important to take them into account.

Before and after photos breast augmentation abroad in Tunisia

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda, expert in breast augmentation surgery abroad in Tunisia, presents some results of breast augmentation. You can consult the page before after pictures breast implants.

Breast augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy and breast augmentation?

It is recommended to wait one year after boob job surgery before considering pregnancy so as not to deteriorate the result. It is also advisable to wait a year from the end of breastfeeding before considering breast augmentation.

Breast implants and breast feeding?

In the vast majority of cases, breastfeeding is possible for patients with breast implants.

Breast implants and cancer?

International scientific studies have shown that there was no causal link between breast implants and breast cancer and that breast implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Breast implants and autoimmune diseases?

As for cancer, scientific studies around the world have shown that there is no link between breast implants and increased risk of occurrence of these diseases.

How long will breast implants last?

Breast implants have a lifetime and are not permanent or life-long implants. It is likely that one day there may need to replace them with others, you can consult the following page: breast implant revision abroad in Tunisia.

New generation breast implants, such as the ones used by Dr. Bouzguenda, are very resistant and have a proven strength and reliability.

Cost of breast augmentation abroad 

The cost of breast augmentation abroad in Tunisia is 1900 Euros. This is a price quite affordable and cheap. Do not hesitate to request an estimate for your breast augmentation abroad in Tunisia.

Femininity is often associated with a beautiful breast. Several events in the woman's life can alter the shape, volume and charm of the breast. Following significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding, the breast may lose its charm. Breast augmentation surgery is a breast plastic surgery procedure, which aims to remedy these misfortunes and give the chest all its glory.

Breast augmentation may also be indicated in some cases of breast malformations including tuberous breasts or in case of breast asymmetry.

The procedure at the glance
  • Procedure : Increase breast size by the introduction of breast implants behind the mammary gland (in front or behind the chest muscle).
  • Length of stay :2 nights.
  • Operating time : 1 hour.
  • Anesthesia : General
  • Duration of the overall stay : 7 days
  • Recovery : 7 to 10 days
  • Result: 12 weeks until final result

breast augmentation abroad