Should I get a breast lift with my implants ?
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A lot of reasons can explain the request for breast surgery : imperfections of the breasts developing after pregnancy, massive weight loss or natural aging. How do you determine if you need a breast lift with your breast implants to get the result you’re after ? Here are some key factors to consider before considering a breast uplift surgery in Tunisia.

breast uplift dr bouzguendaThe pencil test (breast ptosis test)

Generally speaking, the breast lift (also called mastopexy) is performed to correct breast sagging, referred to as breast ptosis, in order to lift the breast and restore their projection. Knowing that, you’ll need to determine if you need the procedure beforehand.

You can simply place a pencil in your inframammary fold (under breast fold). When you let go of the pencil, it will either fall or stay in place. If the pencil stays in place, it means that a certain degree of breast sagging is holding it, and only breast lift surgery can correct that. If the pencil falls, it means there’s no need for a breast lift.

Position of the areolas

Another important factor to take into account is the natural position of the areolas. Dr.Bouzguenda, plastic surgeon in Tunisia will evaluate this position carefully to determine if you’re a good candidate to breast lift surgery. If the areolas are positioned under the inframammary fold (in terms of height), it probably means that a mastopexy will be necessary for the breast augmentation result to be satisfactory, otherwise, breast implants can be placed with no additional procedure.

Unevenness, asymmetry

Although women’s breast are never perfectly symmetric, some women have a more obvious imbalance than others. It can be a size, a position discrepancy or both. If one of the breast is sagging compared to the other, breast lift can be considered to restore balance to the chest. If it’s a size difference that is problematic, breast implants of different sizes can be used to correct the breasts.