Breast augmentation has existed for around 50 years, it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. This safe and efficient treatment offers wonderful results for good candidates who take Dr.Bouzguenda’s recommendations into account and follow pre/postoperative instructions thoroughly. If you want to benefit from breast augmentation, get in touch with her by using the contact form of her website

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With so many breast implants options, which one should I choose ?

During your consultation with Dr.Bouzguenda, you’ll discuss options that are suited to you body type and personal preferences. This procedure is highly customized, Dr.Bouzguenda regularly performs different breast augmentation techniques with many types of implants successfully, therefore you will get the best possible outcome from your breast augmentation abroad.

What guarantees the safety of breast implants ?

Breast implants are FDA approved, they are made of a silicone shell which houses either semi-solid silicone (which has extensively been tested for safety in the human body) or saline solution (harmless).

How is the procedure carried out ?

While different approaches can be used for the incision route and positioning of the implants, the base principle stays the same : an incision is made to access breast tissue, a pocket is arranged to host the implant and the implant is placed inside the breast with maximum tissue coverage (breast tissue and / or pectoral muscle).

Which breast size should I go for ?

Breast size is a personal choice. The goal of breast augmentation is to increase breast volume while keeping proportions balanced with the whole body. Different breast implant sizes can be tried on during your consultation with Dr.Bouzguenda, she will explain to you how the different implant sizes and shapes affect the appearance of the breasts. After that you will have a clear idea of the result you can expect from the procedure and you will be able to make an informed decision.

Is the initial recovery painful ?

Discomfort and pain usually don’t persist more than 10 to 20 hours. Pain is easily controlled with painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication and cold in the form of an ice pack.