Tummy tuck: choosing the right moment for better results
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Whether due to pregnancy, major weight loss or the natural aging process, the skin of the tummy may become flaccid, loose and discomfort.

Physical exercise and diets can help you lose weight, but these changes are unfortunately ineffective against excess or distended skin.

Tummy tuck, can on the other hand flatten and tone the belly, to the great happiness of the patients who find a thinned and balanced silhouette.Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin from the belly and tightens the underlying abdominal muscles, resulting in a flatter, smoother belly than most patients seek. You may not know it, but the timing of the procedure directly affects the quality of the result.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right time for your tummy tuck in Tunisia with Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda.

Wait until your family is complete 

Even though tummy tuck does not interfere with pregnancy, it is best to wait until your maternity years have passed.Of course, if a pregnancy occurs after the tummy tuck, it means that the belly skin and the muscles will have to stretch again to accommodate the baby’s growth. Again, this is safe for pregnancy, however, the corrections made by the tummy tuck can be erased and cause discomfort against the appearance of the belly.

Waiting to reach a balanced weight

For the same reasons that it is better to wait until the end of the pregnancy, you should also try to reach the ideal weight that you set yourself before planning your tummy tuck in Tunisia. This operation is practiced to beautify your body and later weight variations can ‘undo’ the result. However, no need to worry if you are only a few pounds from your goal, you will get an optimal result if you are close to a balanced weight.

Take good habits

Abdominoplasty changes the appearance of the abdomen in a consistent way, but this result should not be taken for granted for life. The duration of this result will depend on you and your willingness to avoid gaining weight. Tummy tuck is an investment that you must protect by adopting good eating habits and a certain level of activity. Achieving a balanced weight and maintaining it for several months is a good way to see if you’re ready for your tummy tuck.