Quality of life after breast reduction surgery
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While the vast majority of women wish to have big boobs, some of them want only one thing: to have smaller breasts. Even if it seems unlikely, there are indeed women who have difficulty living with breasts too big. That’s why they perform breast reduction surgery abroad.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda, a top female plastic surgeon in Tunisia, explains you the benefits and the quality of life after breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction: what is it?

The surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the cups can be done in various ways. The procedure depends on the importance of ptosis or sagging breasts and the amount of tissue or skin to be removed.

Why breast reduction surgery?

When the chest is too developed, breasts are heavier and tend to pull down. This causes unsightly sagging since no muscle supports the chest. Apart from the unsightly ptosis, too heavy breasts can also cause pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Hence the interest of lightening them.

Finally, beyond these aspects, it should be remembered that for most women, having a strong chest that does not match their silhouette can be, not only disabling, but also complexing. Indeed, because of the eyes of men, taunts around them or only modesty, the patients eventually develop a complex around their breasts which causes an unhappiness source of loneliness and depression.

What are the benefits of breast reduction surgery?

Besides the fact that this intervention makes the silhouette more harmonious and removes the pain and pain associated with the weight of the breasts, breast reduction also allows patients to:

  • feel better in their bodies
  • no longer suffer from complex
  • to be in better shape
  • have more confidence in them
  • In general, the operation improves their quality of life and helps them cope better with other people’s eyes.

Learn more about breast reduction surgery in Tunisia with Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda.