How to get the most out of your breast reduction
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Women requesting breast reduction share the same issues :

  • Back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain caused by breast weight
  • Poor self-image
  • Breast asymmetry

If you’re suffering from one of these potential consequences of overly large breast and considering breast reduction, your first step should be consulting a certified cosmetic surgeon experienced with the procedure.

breast reduction dr bouzguenda

Choose a trusted surgeon

The result of your surgery is highly dependent on your surgeon’s experience, so make sure you choose a surgeon who regularly performs breast reduction in Tunisia and view the before / after pictures of his previous patients.

Breast reduction doesn’t only decrease breast size

Breast reduction results are predictable and consistent, an optimal result can therefore easily be obtained, which explains the high satisfactory rate of the procedure. During breast reduction, the plastic surgeon removes breast tissue to decrease breast size, but it’s not always only about the size. Dr.Bouzguenda will discuss the details of your breast reduction with you during the preoperative consultation, but you can expect smaller and raised breasts that have retained their shape of origin.

When considering breast reduction, the biggest change to look forward to is not so much breast size, but improved aspects of your daily life such as new clothes, relieved back / neck pain and less attention drawn to your breasts in public. Therefore, the benefits of breast reduction aren’t limited to an aesthetic improvement.

Liposuction might improve the result of your breast reduction

Patients with overly large breasts don’t always need to combine both procedures, but when fat deposits are overloading the the lateral sides of the breasts, Dr.Bouzguenda often recommends liposuction in this area to improve breast proportions and definition. If you’re expecting an optimal result from your breast reduction, your best bet is to follow the recommendations of your surgeon.