The consultation

breast uplift tunisia

During consultation, cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr.Bouzguenda will ask you what’s bothering you about your breasts and review your medical history in order to rule out any condition with a risk of complication (coagulation disorder, heart condition, etc.). An examination is necessary to assess the severity of breast sagging. In certain cases, breast implants are recommended in association with the breast lift to correct a lack or loss of breast volume. Fat grafting breast augmentation can serve the same purpose. Dr.Bouzguenda will then describe the incision lines and explain how the surgery is carried out.

Do scars remain visible ?

One of the few inconveniences of breast lift is that the scars are visible for a certain duration. In most cases, scars do fade really well, but over the course of a year. Around the second or third month following the breast uplift in Tunisia, the scars become red again, but this normal inflammatory process decreases during the next few weeks. If keloid scars develop (puffy and sometimes painful), specific postoperative care is necessary.

When will I see the result ?

The result can be seen a year after the procedure, when the wound healing process is complete and the scars have matured.

Will I be satisfied of the result ?

When everything goes well and the patient has given a lot of thought into his decision to undergo the operation, satisfaction is usually there despite the scars being visible at first. Loss of sensation in the breast area is fairly common after a breast lift, this is usually temporary, but a few months can be necessary for the patient to recover breast sensation.

How will I feel right after surgery ?

Every surgeon has his habits, but the patient’s chest is usually wrapped with bandage with dressings on the incision sites. Postoperative pain is mild to moderate and easily controlled by standard painkillers. Once the bandage is removed, a sport bra must be worn during a month and a half to avoid tension on the healing scars. Swelling and bruising are normal and go down after two weeks.