Appearance of the breasts after surgery

breast augmentation resultIt is important to give the body time to heal after breast surgery and to get used to the implants. After the operation, breasts are usually swollen and therefore don’t have the desired shape (expected definitive result). The definitive appearance of the breast can be seen around 2 to 3 months after plastic surgery.

Both silicone and saline implants feel different to the touch, which can require a certain ajustment period.

Same implants, different results

One way or another, you have to forget about breasts you’ve seen in magazines or on celebrities. Breast implants in Tunisia with the same size and shape can look significantly different from one woman to another, depending on her build, existing breast tissue, height, ribcage width, etc.

A good surgeon can never promise to reproduce breasts seen in a picture identically, because the patient’s anatomy is rarely the same as the woman in the picture, bearing in mind that others factors that can’t be seen in a picture also affect breast augmentation’s end result such as skin quality, lifestyle, etc.

Appearance of the breasts

Keep in mind that the breasts’ appearance change over time, just like real breast tissue. Even if the implants don’t change, the body does, and it will keep changing with weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and / or breastfeeding or simply because of the natural aging process.

Natural breast augmentation

There’s another type of breast augmentation called fat grafting breast augmentation. This surgical technique involves harvesting fat from chosen areas of excess fat tissue (often in the thighs or the abdomen) and reinjecting this fat in the breasts. This procedure is easier to recover from than breast implants and offers perfectly natural results, however, it can’t offer much more than a cup size of volume increase.

Part of the transferred fat is reabsorbed by the body after the procedure and some patients retain more grafted fat than others, which is why results can slightly vary.