Don’t always believe what you hear, especially when it’s about facelift surgery
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face lift in tunisia

“It’s preferable to delay the facelift as much as possible” : wrong

It’s quite the opposite actually, it’s preferable to get a facelift in Tunisia sooner rather than later. For instance, a patient in his seventies will get dramatic results in different areas of his face,but these changes will seem odd next to other aging signs that haven’t been treated by the procedure such as overloaded and sagging upper eyelids. In other words, an optimal result from a facelift is more likely if the surgeon removes a moderate amount of skin that still has good elasticity on a 50 years old patient rather than a large amount of sagging skin on a 70 years old patient.

“Facelift results don’t seem natural” : wrong

The facelift procedure from 30 years ago used to focus on removing excess skin and tightening the skin left, which often resulted in a poor result : the ‘pulled’ or ‘plastic’ look dreaded by most of the patients who think the procedure hasn’t changed. Nowadays, facelift specialists work on the superficial layer of facial muscles in order to reposition each feature to its previous location. Patients ending up with the ‘pulled’ face often do too much : multiples procedures, excessive amounts of fillers or Botox. Plastic surgery in Tunisia offers fantastic results, and you can trust Dr.Bouzguenda to get the best possible result from your facelift.

“The less invasive mini-lift procedure offers the same results” : wrong

You may have heard that the mini-lift can do the same as the traditional facelift, but with a shorter incision and less downtime. Unfortunately, that’s wrong. There is no magic treatment to rejuvenate the face. A shorter incision will almost always translate to less access to tissues, and therefore less significant results. In the case of the facelift, short incisions don’t allow proper access to deep structures of the face, which can be a problem if the patient expects a lot from the surgery.