Breast reduction : indications, goals and recovery
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Why you should request a breast reduction

  • Because your breasts are hypertrophied (overdeveloped breasts)
  • Because your breasts are sagging (which is worsened by heavy breasts)
  • Because your breasts are causing lumbar problems
  • Because you’re suffering from neck, shoulder and / or back pain
  • Because you have trouble getting dressed / finding fitting clothes
  • Because you have trouble exercising
  • Because you’re embarrassed by your breasts in public

Goals of breast reduction

The procedure aims at decreasing breast volume and correcting breast shape to get a better symmetry in relation with the patient’s body type. Morphology is in fact crucial in each case. When the breasts gain too much volume during growth under the effects of hormones, the back suffers, the posture changes and this can only get worse with time. If you are suffering from this type of symptoms, an affordable plastic and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia might permanently relieve you from them.


  • Mild discomfort and pain are frequent during a week or so after the surgery
  • Standard painkillers can easily manage pain during the initial recovery
  • Swelling and bruising are normal, just as pain when raising the arms
  • The first dressing is changed after 48 hours
  • A compressive garment must be worn during the first month following breast reduction
  • The hospitalization is 24 hours to 72 hours long
  • Patients have to arrange 8 to 14 days off work to rest and heal
  • Exercising can may resume after a period of 2 months with the approval of Dr.Bouzguenda
  • Patients must avoid sun exposure for at least 3 months. After that, sunscreens can be used to protect the scars as long as they are covered by a top or a swimsuit

The result of a breast reduction surgery can be observed after a period of 1 year. Projection, symmetry and shape aren’t definitive / optimal before that mark. The benefits of breast reduction are numerous : exercising is easier, clothes are easier to find and wear, posture improves as well as confidence and well-being.