4 signs you might need a tummy tuck
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Stretched abdominal muscles

If your abdominal muscles are not providing the support you need and not responding to exercise, tummy tuck can fix the issue. During this procedure, plastic surgeon Dr Bouzguenda accesses the ‘rectus abdominis’ muscles (vertical bands of muscle in the middle of the abdomen) to tighten and align them when they have been stretched, weakened or separated (a condition called ‘diastasis recti’).

Skin laxity

If your skin has lost its elasticity, you probably need surgery to address excess skin in your stomach. Once the skin has stretched, removing the underlying fat doesn’t fix the problem. Skin laxity isn’t necessarily caused by pregnancy, it can also occur in individuals who lost a lot of weight through diet or bariatric surgery. Abdominoplasty in Tunisia is not just for women, it is designed for people suffering from the unsightly appearance of excess skin in the stomach, which includes men.

Stretch marks

Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for stretch marks. Non-invasive options are available to improve the color of recent stretch marks, but it is impossible to remove them entirely. However, during the tummy tuck procedure, Dr Bouzguenda usually removes a certain amount of excess skin in the stomach, which often includes a large part of the stretch marks there.

Loss of confidence

One of the main reasons motivating patients to get surgery is the loss of confidence and poor self-image resulting from the unsightly appearance of flabby skin in the stomach. This negatively impacts interactions with people in the social and work environment. Well being is important, and poor self-image as well as lack of confidence never help, that’s why despite the necessary scar resulting from the tummy tuck procedure, a large majority of patients are extremely satisfied with their result.